The wooden toys are becoming more fashionable, and as shown by the sales of such games, which have soared in recent years. There are many compelling reasons for this trend!

One of the benefits of offering a wooden toy to a child is that it awakens their imagination and encourages their creativity , since it has a simple design, without music or lights. This forces the child to think for himself in all the possibilities of what he has in his hands.

Wood, as a natural element, encourages the manual and mental progress of children, and contributes to the development of their senses . On the one hand, the structure and temperature of this raw material is much more pleasing to the hands of the little ones than the plastic. On the other hand, the characteristic smell of wood is much more comfortable for children.

Janod Truck-mounted craneWe can not forget, too, that wooden logging truck toy are less dangerous than others . They are usually medium-sized toys, neither too big nor too small, so they avoid small parts and the risk of suffocation … and also contain no harmful chemicals of any kind. They are made of a very resistant material (bacteria can not reproduce in wood), and are much easier to clean.

Durability is another of the great advantages of these logging truck toy. Usually, plastic games have a short life. On the other hand, if the wood is of good quality , its toys can pass from generation to generation. It is for this reason that buying a wooden toy is a successful investment in the long term!

With regard to the environment, there are important points to bear in mind and we are clearly invited to opt for wooden toys : they are made of a natural, renewable and biodegradable material .

Domino wood The only disadvantage of these products is that they are generally a bit more expensive than plastic toys . However, as the kids have a lot of fun with them and last longer, we can be sure that investing in them is worth it.

If you are looking for a toy that lasts in time, have added value and be 100% safe for children, do not hesitate: try the wooden toys for children !

In Eurekakids you will find these and many more toys . Our catalog focuses on educational toys that bring value and learning.

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