Top 10 Best Smart Phones in India 2013

List of Top and Best Smartphones in India from top Brands like Nokia, Sony Mobiles, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Karbonn, Micromax etc with Windows, Blackberry, Apple iOS and Android OS and their best prices in 2014.

#13 BlackBerry Q10 Best Price: Rs. 31,499

If you need a physical keyboard on your smartphone, the BlackBerry Q10 is the best phone you can buy. The phone doesn’t have as many apps as the iPhone or Android phones, but that never seems to be a problem for BlackBerry users.

#12 Apple iPhone 5C Best Price: Rs. 35,800

The iPhone 5C, which launched at the same time as the iPhone 5S, is Apples slightly cheaper model of the iPhone. It has almost all the same specs and features as the iPhone 5, but wrapped in a variety of colorful plastic cases. You can get it in blue, pink, green, yellow, or white. Specs: iOS v7, 4 Inch IPS LCD 640×1136 px display, Dual core 1300 MHz processor, 8 MP Primary Camera, 1.2 MP Secondary, 3G, WiFi, 1GB RAM, 1507 mAh, Li-Ion battery

#11 HTC One Max Best Price: Rs. 49,000

HTC One Max is the company’s first phablet. It has a giant 5.9-inch screen and a fingerprint sensor that can unlock the phone and launch apps.
Its an attractive device made out of metal, but its also extremely thick and heavy.

#10 LG G Flex Best Price: Rs. 56,500

LG released the first-ever curved screen phone, the G Flex, with large, 6-inch curved screen and a self-healing backing that can repair minor scratches, but display resolution is a lot lower than Apple and Samsung phones.

#9 Nokia EOS (Lumia 1020) Best Price: Rs. 40,000

Most consider the Nokia Lumia 1020 to be the best Windows Phone you can buy today. It has one of the best cameras you can get in a smartphone, It is a significant upgradation from Lumia 920 not only in terms of camera but overall. It is more powerful yet light-weighted.

#8 Apple iPhone 5S Best Price: Rs. 43,000

One look at the features, which include excellent display, stunning cameras, unbelievable processing power, latest connectivity options and larger battery , is sufficient to make one realize that this device is miles ahead of the competition. Not only that, it in fact many never-before-seen features, including 64-bit processor, fingerprint scanner.  Specs: iOS v7.0.1 OS, 4 inch IPS LCD, 640×1136 px display, Dual core 1300 MHz processor, 8 MP Primary Camera, 1.2 MP Secondary, 3G, WiFi, 1 GB RAM, 1570 mAh, Li-Polymer battery

#7 LG Optimus  G2 Best Price: Rs. 34,000

The G2 is LGs latest flagship phone. It has a gorgeous 5-inch display, one of the best you can get on a smartphone. The device will be posing a stiff competition to other flagships like Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One etc.
Specs: Android v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)OS, 5.20 inch 1920×1080 px IPS LCD display, Quad core 2260 MHz processor, 13 MP Primary Camera, 2.10 MP Secondary, 3G, WiFi, 32 GB Expandable, 2 GB RAM, 3000 mAh Li-Polymer battery

#6 Samsung Galaxy S4 Best Price: Rs. 29,000

We suggest not buying this phone if you can hold out because the next version, the Galaxy S5, launches in April.
Specs: Android v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), 5 inch Super AMOLED 1080×1920 px display, Quad core 1600 MHz processor, 13 MP Primary Camera, 2 MP Secondary, 3G, WiFi, DLNA, NFC16 GB Internal Memory, 64 GB Expandable, 2GB RAM, 2600 mAh Li-Ion battery

#5 Nokia Lumia 1520 Best Price: Rs. 42,700

The Lumia 1520 is the first Windows Phone phablet ever made. It has a huge 6-inch screen, which gives you extra room for more apps and Live Tiles on your home screen. Nokia’s latest Lumia handset breaks a number of records, including those of display, processing power, internal storage and battery.

#4 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Best Price: Rs. 42,000

Samsung popularized the “phablet” category with the Galaxy Note more than two years ago. Now the phone is in its third generation with the Galaxy Note 3.
The Galaxy Note 3 has the biggest screen yet, 5.7 inches, yet its body is actually thinner and lighter than the last model. It also comes with a special stylus called the S Pen for drawing or taking notes. Its the best phablet you can buy
Specs: Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean) OS, 5.7 inch Super AMOLED 1080×1920 px display, Quad core 1900 MHz processor, 13 MP Primary Camera, 2 MP Secondary, 3G, WiFi, 64 GB Expandable, 3GB RAM, 3200 mAh, Li-Ion battery

#3 Google LG Nexus 5 Best Price: Rs. 28,000

Google raises the bar with every release of Nexus. It has once again shown why it is worth waiting for its Nexus devices – the device comes with best-in-the-industry specs in the fields of display, OS, camera and processor, while the remaining specs are also great. This device has all it takes to snatch the crown for the best Android smartphone in the world. Specs: Android v4.4 (KitKat) OS, 4.95 inch IPS LCD 1080×1920 px display, Quad core 2260 MHz processor, 8 MP Primary Camera, 1.30 MP Secondary, 3G, WiFi, NFC, 2 GB RAM, 2300 mAh Li-Polymer battery

#2 HTC One Best Price: Rs. 31,999

It has all the best features of any Android phone, wrapped in a gorgeous all-metal design. Its the first Android phone to match Apples iPhone in design and build quality.
Specs: Android v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) OS, 4.70 Inch S-LCD 3 1080×1920 px display, Quad core 1700 MHz processor, 4 MP Primary Camera, 2.10 MP Secondary, 3G, WiFi, DLNA, NFC64 GB Internal Memory, 2GB RAM, 2300 mAh, Li-Polymer battery

#1Sony Xperia Z1 (Honami) Best Price: Rs. 33,000

Going through the specs of the Sony Xperia Z1, it is easy to understand the hype it generated prior to its launch. Sony combines its expertise in cameras and TVs, to bring Bravia technology to the display and an EXMOR RS to the camera.
Specs: Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean) OS, 5 inch LCD 1080×1920 px display, Quad core 2200 MHz processor, 20.70 MP Primary Camera, 2 MP front camera, 3G, WiFi, DLNA, NFC, 64 GB Expandable, 2GB RAM, 3000 mAh, Li-ion battery

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