In a financial crisis, more and more people are turning to the search for alternative ways of creating their own capital. Not surprisingly, since September last year, the number of people starting a poker career has increased significantly. And this is in contrast to the economic crisis. What is the secret here?

Every experienced player knows that poker is not only an interesting intellectual sport, but also a means of earning for thousands of people. Currently, the growth of Best Online Poker Game in Russia (which can be confirmed by the registration of new players, as well as the increase in the number of participants in major tournaments) in comparison with 2005-2006 exceeds 2000%. The society begins to view online poker as one of the tools of rational investment of free cash (as an alternative to stock exchanges, for example). And this approach to poker is very important, especially during the global financial crisis.

In Russia, poker sport has overcome many obstacles before reaching today’s level. Of course, this is not the limit, but significant results are already visible: the public has ceased to perceive poker as a gamble (finally, it has come to realize that poker is not a casino and not a roulette where everything depends only on luck, but a sport in which the decisive role plays the skill of the athlete); Russian players have won a number of high-profile titles at international tournaments, and now constitute a worthy competition to the eminent players of the world poker community.

A similar process is typical for other countries. For example, in the United States with the change of the president, supporters of online poker solution in the country became more active. And although the prohibition itself is still in force, active steps are already being taken to remove it.

One such step can be considered an official recognition by a judge from Pennsylvania of the fact that in poker a major role is played by the skills of players, and not by chance. Of course, Judge Thomas James did not say that the case does not play a role in poker, even the most ardent poker supporters can not claim this, but recognition of the dominant role of the player’s skills is already a lot.

Who knows, perhaps these words of the judge will later be used as a precedent for the recognition of poker sports game or at least lifting the ban in the US.

Thus, we can conclude that, despite the financial crisis – poker in Russia, and all over the world expects only a rapid increase in popularity. After all, poker is a game in which there are no social, economic and age limits. Here everything depends on the skill, skills and style of the athlete, and each person can open a poker star, as evidenced by the emergence of a large number of young stars in world poker.

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