Stock Markets: Investing in stocks and their derivatives is another form of popular investment across the world, while this too is risky it is more liquid and returns can be higher for those with right attitude. Stocks trading offer both short term range and long-term range liquid investing.

You are not limited to invest only in Indian stock exchanges like BSE or NSE you can go global and invest in any major markets, You can either invest your self equipped with stock knowledge by reading all the details on how to invest in stock market or you can use the service of a Full Time Broker, Dont deal with unregistered brokers / sub brokers, or other unregistered intermediaries, or you can try Mutual Funds route, which are offered by both financial institutions and banks and are managed by professionals for short time frame like 3 years. And do not forget to use your money wisely and carefully in the stock market.

Gold/Silver/other precious metals: This is the oldest form of investing, Metal trading was here since centuries and Gold was prime among them, as said earlier it is oldest investing and there are many modern investing opportunities which offer similar or better options and returns.

Gold investing too had turned modern with Gold ETFs which to me does not satisfy as having physical gold, Gold ETFs have their own advantages and disadvantages thought, one advantage being its liquidity, you can buy or sell at the market rate within seconds. Similar is the case with Silver and other precious metal and commodities, they are quite risky for short term and long term they may show some marginal returns.

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