In principle, there is nothing serious. But it’s easier to say that it’s easier than proving it in practice – it will take a lot of work.

As I wrote above, the idea is to create several sites / blogs, to which the content is added.

If you just came to the Internet, then most likely you do not know how to create websites yourself. Therefore, you will either need to enter a special school start up , which will teach you this for free, or read blogs for creating websites. The first way seems to me more simple, you will learn everything much faster, with the help of video lessons will begin to master the science of site building.  Know how to make money online free .

By the program of the school, you can create your first blog or website in a month. In addition, after free training you will be able to create new sites in two to three hours, setting up a design and selecting a theme with plug-ins. But, alas, the knowledge received in the school, you will not be enough to earn on the Internet from scratch.

Suppose you become a school graduate or have learned how to create websites yourself. Make your first Internet resource. Let it be dedicated to a specific topic – Caucasian dances (or something like that). If you now add to your site for an article a day , even with a volume of 5-10 thousand characters , then in a month you will have somewhere 25 pages (on weekends you will rest). Then for a year this number will approach 300.

Even without understanding the search engine optimization and promotion of sites, and having configured at least one seo-plugin that will automatically fill in the tags <title> and <description>, your blog will visit 700-800 people a day .

If your articles are interesting, then visitors will actively view the pages of your blog. We will consider that one person looks through 2-3 pages at a time (this is a very high rate for blogs), and this is normal for a narrow-topic site. For the day the number of views will be solid – 1500-2000 . With such figures you can already think about earnings.

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