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All Computer Monitors (Full HD, LED, LCD, 3D) Price list in India

For those who what to assemble their computer or those whose want to replace their old CRT or LCD monitors with the latest range of Full HD, LED LCD or 3D Computer Monitors, here is a good news all the major display Manufacturers brought latest technology monitors to the Indian market in different price ranges, screen sizes, aspect ratios and resolution. Here is the Price list of all computer monitors in India with latest 2013 prices and Specifications:

BrandModelSize (diagonal)ResolutionForm FactorPrice (Rs.)
AcerP166HQL15.6 inch1366 × 768LED Widescreen4000
AcerG/V196HQL18.5 inch1366 X 768 - 5 mLED normal5400
AcerS1906HQL18.5 inch1366 X 768 - 5 msLED SLIM5600
AcerS200HL20 inch1600 X 900 - 5 msLED5900
AcerS220HQL21.5 inch1920 X 1080 - 5 msLED : HDMi + Dvi + VGA8000
AcerS230HL23 inch1920 X 1080 - 5 msLED : HDMi + VGA9400
AcerS240HL24 inch1920 X 1080 - 5 msLED : HDMI10400
AOCE166015.6 inchSlim/Wall MountLED : VGA4200
AOC20 inch1600 X 900 - 5 msLCD : VGA4900
AOCE960/E97018.5 inchSlim/Wall MountLED : VGA5400
AOCE96218.5 inchUltra Slim/ B/WhiteLED : DVI + VGA5600
AOCE2050/6020 inchUltra Slim/ B/WhiteLED : VGA5900
AOCE206220 inchSuper LED / Super SlimLED : DVI + VGA6750
AOCE226222 inchUltra SlimLED : VGA+ HDMI8950
AOCi2269 IPS22 inchUltra Slim/Wall MountLED :VGA+HDMI10900
AOCE235223 inch3D/2 Glass/SpeakerLED :VGA+DVI+HDMI13800
AOCE246224 inchUltra Slim/ B/WhiteLED : HDMI + VGA12200
AOCi2369 IPS23 inchIPS/Ultra SlimLED :VGA+HDMI13400
AOCi275727 inchIPS/Ultra SlimLED : VGA+ 2HDMI18900
DellIN193018.5 inchLEDLED Wide5750
DellIN2030M20 inchNALED : DVI + VGA6100
DellS2240M21.5 inchNALED : DVI + VGA8975
DellST2240L21.5 inchNALED : HDMI Wide9100
DellST2440L24 inchNALED : DVI + HDMI Wide12700
SamsungS19C150FS18.5 inch1366 X 768 - 5 msLED : VGA6050
SamsungS20C300BL20 inch1600 X 900 - 5 msLED : DVi7100
SamsungLS22C15022 inch1600 X 900 - 5 msLED : DVI8750
SamsungLS22B15022 inch1600 X 900 - 5 msLED8050
SamsungLS22B370H22 inch1920 X 1080 - 2 msLED : HDMI8800
SamsungLS23B370H23 inch1920 X 1080 - 5 msLED : DVI10400
SamsungLS24B370HS24 inch1920 X 1080LED : HDMI12450
SamsungS27B35027 inch1920 X 1080LED : HDMI18900
SamsungS27B750V27 inch1920 X 1080 - 2 msLED : HDMI x222500
SamsungLT23B350AR23 inch1920 X 1080 - 5 msLED : TV Monitor14600
SamsungLT24C350AR24 inch1920 X 1080 - 5 msLED : TV Monitor15900
LGE19EN33S18.5 inch1360 X 768 - 5 msLED5750
LGE20EN33D20 inch1600 X 900 - 5 msLED6300
LG IPS 22EA53V22 inchIPS PanelLED : IPS HDMi + Dvi8950
LGIPS 23EA53V23 inchIPS PanelLED : IPS HDMi + Dvi10750
LGE2442V24 inchNALED : HDMi + DVI12200
LG IPS 24EA53V24 inch IPSLED : IPS HDMi + Dvi13000
LGIPS 27EA63V27 inchIPSLED : HDMi + DVI19600
LGIPS 29EA63V29 inchIPSLED : HDMi + DVI38750
ZebronicsNA16 inchNALED Wide3650
ZebronicsNA18.5 inchNALED Wide4550
ZebronicsNA20 inchNALED Wide with Speaker5700
BenQG615HDPL15.6 inchHD DisplayLED4200
BenQG702AD17 inchHD DisplayLCD5770
BenQGW2250HM21.5 inchNALED HDMI8900
BenQRL2240H21.5 inchFull HDLED HDMI9700
ViewsonicVA1601W15.6 inchHDLED4100
ViewsonicVA1947MA18.5 inchNALED Monitor with Inbuilt Speaker5400
ViewsonicVA2248M21.5 inchNALED Monitor with Inbuilt Speaker8200
ViewsonicVG2228WM21.5 inchFull HDLCD12420
ViewsonicVX2753MH27 inchFull HDLED Monitor with Inbuilt Speaker21000
NECVE2004XG20 inchHDVGA + DVI5750
NECVE2201XG22 inchFull HDVGA + DVI7400

Note: Due to dollar price fluctuation, the prices of computer displays also may increase slightly. There are only few 3D monitors available, however all the other monitors will work as 3D screens with Red/cyan glasses. Touch and 3D monitors will soon be available in Indian market in 2013, we will update the prices as they are available. Some computer monitors also support TV signal output and can also be used as standalone computer screen. If you are looking for 2012 Full HD LED LCD 3D Television Price list in India and models LED Monitor Price, Specs, Features, check our Consumer Electronics section. For other Latest Computer Peripherals Price list in India check Computer Peripherals section.

All Computer Monitors (Full HD, LED, LCD, 3D) Price list in India

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