Business: In a country like India with worlds second largest population, there is always need for goods and services, while there may be many established manufacturers and businesses there is always room for improvement for new players with new strategy. You can invest in small or medium business in partnership or with a family member.

While there are many businesses you can invest in, here is a short list to give a head-start on ideas:

Fast food Restaurant

Thrift Shops (second-hand items)

Beauty Care Products/Beauty Salon

Event Management Business

Recruitment firm/Training

Computer/Mobile Phone Repairing or sales

House keeping Service


As with every other field Business is not for everyone. Try small scale investing first, if it does n’t workout you may never succeed in any other business.

Real estate: While Real estate is top priority for most investors, it is Risky, people think they will never lose money in Real estate which sounds reasonable but it is not practically.

Real estate is risky, with other type of investments you can control your investment, with immovable properties you can only wait for them to increase in value which highly depends on the location of the property and the developments in the surroundings like companies, business establishments, residential properties, water resources, electricity, roads, rails, hotels etc. So invest in residential or Commercial property if you are sure the locality has a growth potential, the rate of return can be calculated with that of adjacent projects in the neighborhood.

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