If you have some extra money, where to invest for better returns always arises, Traditionally Banks, Gold and real estate were default options, but not in this electronic age, there are many options, here is the list of all the Best Investment options in India for you.

Every person invests for their and their family future in one form or the other. One who does not invest or invests in the wrong assets will suffer the consequences. In life or in finance, Planning is very important. You need to plan ahead to enjoy the benefits, because everyone needs goods, services or Money through out their life.

Money can buy goods, services or other form of assets, so in short Money is everything you need money when you need money the most for that you need to Grow Money, as we all know money cant be grown on tress and we cannot print money when we needed, so we best option is to know ways to grow money reasonably and the only answer is Investment.

As with everything in Life you got options and choices for investing too. While most of them are profitable at one or other level others can be risky, and others will certainly bound to doom you. So let us see the Best Investment options available for Indians.

As with every country, there are many similar options for investing but the rules and business principles may differ. While in some countries one sector may be booming while in other country the same option may be dooming. Let us say while in a developed countries like Australia, US or UK the real estate sector may be declining, while in developing countries like India, China, Brazil there may need for more housing projects and there real estate sector may be profitable.

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