List of all New Bikes in India with latest 2013 Prices, Specs and Mileage below Rs.70000

Two-Wheeler which are below 150CC and price less than Rs.70,000 are the main category of Bikes which you see daily on Indian roads. They are of-course affordable and fuel efficient and are powerful enough for daily commuting in Indian Cities driving conditions.

As per the demand, we have compiled the list of all bike which are available for less than 70,000 thousand in India, for people who are researching and requested us to quote the latest prices of these popular bikes.

List of all New Bikes in India with latest 2013 Prices, Specs and Mileage below Rs.70000 (Mileages are as claimed by the respective company Under Standard Test conditions, actual mileages may change depending on riding conditions.)

You can Sort by Brand, Model, Engine capacity(cc), Mileage(KMPL), others features like air cooled, oil-cooled, power BHP and Price.

BrandModelEngineMileage (kmpl)OthersPrice (Rs.)
Global AutomobilesRock 10097.2ccNA4 stroke, Single Cylinder, SOHC, Natural Air Cooled, CDI, Commuter20,000
VibgyorGallop97.2ccNAAir Cooled, SOHC, 4 - Stroke, 6.71 BHP @ 8500 RPM30,000
Kanda MotorsMission100cc90 kmpl4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, CDI, 90 kmpl, 100cc, Commuter31,000
Hero MotoCorpCD Dawn97.2cc82.91 kmpl4-Stroke, Air cooled, Digital CDI, Max Power 7.8ps @ 7500rpm, 82.91 kmpl, Commuter34,500
BajajPlatina 10099.27cc76 kmpl4 Stroke, Air cooled, Digital CDI & TRICS III, 76 kmpl, 99.27cc, Commuter35,500
YamahaCrux105.6cc75.47 kmpl4 stroke, Air cooled, C.D.I, 75.47 kmpl, Commuter36,000
TVSStar Sport109.7cc83.9 kmplTVS Star Sport City (ES, Alloys) Rs.40,37537,555
TVSStar City109.7cc83.9 kmpl4 Stroke, Air cooled, Electric + Kick, 83.9 kmpl, Commuter38,650
Hero MotoCorpCD Deluxe97.2cc82.91 kmpl4-Stroke, Air cooled, Digital CDI, 82.91 kmpl, 97.2cc, Commuter39,350
Hero MotoCorpSplendor NXG97.2cc87.7 kmpl4-Stroke, Air cooled, Digital CDI, 7.8ps @ 7500rpm, Commuter41,850
YamahaYBR 110110cc70 kmpl4 stroke, Air cooled, C.D.I, 70.03 kmpl, Commuter43,000
Hero MotoCorpSplendor Pro97.2cc90 kmpl4 Stroke, Air cooled, Digital CDI, 90.1 kmpl, Commuter43,350
HondaCB Twister109cc85.7 kmpl4 Stroke, Air cooled, Electric, 85.7 kmpl, Commuter43,900
BajajDiscover 100100cc90 kmpl4 Stroke, Air cooled, Digital CDI, 90.3 kmpl, Commuter44,790
TVSJive109.7cc82 kmpl8.5PS@7500rpm, Electric + Kick TVS claims that the Jive is capable of a fuel economy of 82 kmpl45,100
SuzukiSlingshot Plus124cc68.5 kmpl4 Stroke, Air cooled, SOHC, 68.5 kmpl, Commuter45,300
SuzukiSlingshot124cc68.5 kmpl4 Stroke, Air cooled, CDI, 68.5 kmpl, 124cc, Commuter45,300
HondaShine124.7cc74.7 kmplHonda Shine (ES, Disc, Alloys) - Rs 52,57445,440
Hero MotoCorpPassion Pro97.2cc84 kmplSpecs (97.2cc, 7.8PS, 8.04Nm); fuel economy 84kmpl45,450
BajajDiscover 150144cc72.3 kmplElectric + Kick, 72.3 kmpl, 144cc, Commuter47,000
Hero MotoCorpSuper Splendor124.7cc83.1 kmplAdvanced Micro Processor Ignition system, 83.1 kmpl, Commuter48,600
YamahaSZ153cc62.4 kmplYamaha SZ Versions: Yamaha SZ X , Yamaha SZ R Price range: Rs 49,500 - Rs 56,00049,500
YamahaSS 125125cc71.5 kmpl4 Stroke, Air cooled, CDI, 71.5 kmpl, Commuter50,000
Hero MotoCorpGlamour124.7cc81.1 kmplHero MotoCorp Glamour Disc - Rs 59,500
ex-showroom price
HondaStunner CBF124.7cc70.3 kmplCBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy Ex-Showroom Price: Rs.56348 On-Road Delhi* 61233 *On road price does not include optional items like - Accessories, Extended warranty, AMC...51,451
HondaDream Yuga109cc72 kmplDisplacement-109 cc; Torque-8.91 Nm @5500 rpm; Starting System- Self / Kick52,800
BajajPulsar 135LS135cc68.1 kmplDigital CDI DTS-i53,000
BajajDiscover 125125cc82 kmplElectric + Kick, 82 kmpl, Commuter53,700
Hero MotoCorpAchiever149.1cc68 kmplDisplacement-149.1 cc; Max. Power-10 KW (13.4 BHP) @ 8000 RPM; CV Type Carburettor Fuel Tank Capacity 12.5 Ltrs (Min): 2.3 Ltrs. (Usable reserve) Disc & Self On Road Delhi Rs.64,05255,925
Hero MotoCorpGlamour PGM Fi124.7ccNAAlloy Wheels, Front disc brakes59,500
SuzukiGS150R149.5cc55.7 kmpl14PS@8500rpm, Electric + Kick61,600
HondaCB Unicorn149.1cc71.2 kmpl4 Stroke, Air cooled, 71.2 kmpl, 149.1cc, Commuter61,900
BajajPulsar 150149.01cc 62.1 kmplDTS-i, air cooled, Digital CDI DTS-i,62,100
Hero MotoCorpHunk149.2cc65.1 kmpl4-Stroke, Air cooled, Advanced Micro Processor Ignition (AMI) System,62,200
Hero MotoCorpCBZ Xtreme149.2cc65.1 kmplAdvanced Micro Processor Ignition (AMI) System, Sports Tourer63,700
HondaCB Unicorn Dazzler149.1cc62.2 kmplGear shift pattern 1down-4 up64,665
BajajPulsar 180180cc58.1 kmplAir Cooled, Digital CDI DTS-i, Commuter65,200
Hero MotoCorpImpulse149.2cc55 kmplKick Start / Electric Start, 55 kmpl, 149.2cc, off road Dual Purpose bike66,800
YamahaFZ16153cc50.81 kmpl14PS @ 7500 rpm, Air cooled, Electric Ignition, Naked67,000
YamahaFZS153cc50.81 kmpl14PS @ 7500 rpm, Air cooled, Electric Ignition, Naked69,000
BajajAvenger 220219.89cc49.8 kmpl19.03bhp @ 8400rpm Air Cooled, Oil-Cooler, Digital CDI, DTS-i, Cruiser69,000
YamahaFazer153cc50.81 kmpl14PS @ 7500 rpm, Dual Purpose74,000
Hero MotoCorpKarizma R223cc48.5 kmplAir Cooled, Advanced Micro Processor Ignition (AMI) System, Sports Tourer75,700
BajajPulsar 220220cc54.2 kmplAir Cooled, Oil-Cooled, 21.04bhp @ 8500rpm, DTS-i, Sports Tourer76,400

The list will be updated as when new bikes are launched and the Prices will be updated when budget 2013-14 will be announced.

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