Google AdSense Account the best thing to earn income online. Take Careof the AdSense account.

I will give you a very clear example, a real case with which you will perfectly understand what I mean. I have a blog that talks about relationships, relationships, love … etc. For several weeks, perhaps more than a month, I noticed that the advertiser who occupied the first place was always the same. That led me to draw two conclusions,

On the one hand that the advertiser was very interested in appearing first in my site.

On the other hand, that the competition I had within that block of AdSense was not good enough (I was not paying Enough) to jeopardize his first position in which he was every day and at all hours. I also thought,

So I decided to test the advertiser and see if I was able to pay more for each click. Knowing that the ads on insurance are one of the most money left by click , during a month I alternated the posts of my subject with posts such as “Insurance for couples”, “Insurance for couples”, Economic insurance for Young people “… etc.

The result could not be better. Insurance ads appeared on the site and the first advertiser had to pay more than twice what they were paying per click to keep the first place, and fortunately, the price per click that the insurance annuity paid was not enough to Disband it, which made the advertiser stay in the first place, Just what interested me because it was the most relevant to my subject and with others I would have lowered the CTR a lot and therefore the profits. This is an image of how the ads are now seen on that site where, as I said, I earn more than twice as much as before.

Another aspect that we can not forget if we want to force our advertisers to pay more is to include as many ads as possible . Each advertiser opts for a certain strategy as to the type of ad (text or graphic), the size of the ad, … etc., So the more varied as regards AdSense ad units is our site the more likely we will have to display the ads With a higher CPC . In this sense, graphics ads are a great tool to increase the CPC of our AdSense blocks because they often offer better levels of CPC than text ads and increase bids in text blocks.

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