RULE 1: Protect skin from the sun

To maintain skin health, do not go out into the sun without protection. Apply a sun protection cream with SPF-factor corresponding to your best natural skin care . Update the protection as needed. It is also strongly recommended that you stay in the shade during the hottest hours of the day.

RULE 2:  Use only gentle soap for the skin

Your skin becomes dry after you take a shower? It is important to use gentle, soap-free cosmetics every day. If you use too aggressive cosmetics, the skin becomes very dry and you experience discomfort. The best cosmetic for use is a soap enriched with lipids.

RULE 3:  In the shower!

For the skin of the shower is better than the bath, after which the skin becomes drier. Use warm, not hot water. Those who do not represent their life without a bath can take it from time to time. However, do not do this for too long.

RULE 4:  Gently wipe the skin

Before you leave the shower, rinse the whole body well to completely wash off the detergent residue. Then start to quickly wipe, gently swabbing the legs, chest, hands, etc. with a towel. Do not rub the skin until completely dry.

RULE 5:  Moisturize the skin daily

Make daily moisturizing your skin a habit. Gently rub it with a towel, apply a suitable cream. This will restore the hydrolipid film of the epidermis. Do not forget that moisturizing is required for all types of skin.

RULE 6:  Dress warmly when it’s cold outside

Did you notice that in winter the skin becomes more sensitive? In fact, cold weather, like wind and sun, dries the skin. You feel discomfort, tingling and tightening. When the temperature drops, dress warmly. And do not forget to protect your hands!

RULE 7:  Drink plenty of water

To the skin remained beautiful, the body needs a sufficient amount of liquid. Drink water, about 8 glasses a day. A glass of water after a dream, tea for breakfast, mineral water for the day, shaking tea for the night … Thus, you easily get a daily water rate.

RULE 8:  Follow a balanced diet

A balanced diet is useful not only for the body, but also for the skin. Eat five fruits and vegetables daily, rich in antioxidants. This will allow you to maintain the beauty and health of the skin.

RULE 9:  Get enough sleep

If you get enough sleep, your skin will glow with health. To stay healthy, your body needs a certain amount of sleep – 7, 8, 9 hours … In fact, our need for sleep is genetically conditioned.

RULE 10:  Stop smoking

Do you smoke? Smoking has a very harmful effect on the skin. The complexion becomes dull and lifeless, and the skin quickly grows old. This is a good argument to put out the last cigarette. Do not you think so?


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